Tire Pressure Monitoring System

For Fleets

Install in 60 minutes.

Now you can.

Reduce tire related expenses.

Lower Fuel Cost and Prolong Tire Life.

Improve experience for drivers with safer driving conditions.

Provides real-time digital tire pressure and temperature data and alerts for both truck and trailer tires.

Multiple built-in alert setting provide warning to protect against leaking events, driving on low tire pressures and high temperatures.

Simple installation, programming , and operation.

Seamlessly drops and adds new trailers to the Doran monitor without the need for driver interaction.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.

The best value in tire pressure monitoring for your fleet.

Reduce unnecessary cost, Increase level of accountability and Reduce tire maintenance.

Doran 360HD

Trucks +Trailers

Designed for “married” trucks and trailers, straight trucks, dump trucks, cement trucks, etc.

Off-truck visibility to fleet maintenance and fleet management.

Telematics for Fleet Productivity and Real-time Visibility

An advanced fleet management solution with integrated tire pressure and temperature data for your fleet

YardCheck 360™

Works while equipment is powered ON or OFF within the YardCheck 360™ coverage area

The YardCheck 360™ transceiver periodically transfers new data to the cloud

Once in the cloud, yardcheck360.com automatically alerts fleet managers and tire service providers of TPMS alarms for all tires in the fleet

Connect 360™

Doran Connect 360™ takes important tire data from the asset to fleet management anytime, anywhere.

Doran Connect 360™ provides fleet
management with actionable data for planning,
decision making and predictive maintenance.

This platform includes advanced tracking
features, vehicle performance and real-time
pressure & temperature data for every tire on
every vehicle in the fleet.

Reduce Operation Cost and extend the life of your tires by 15%-20% on average


- Truck and trailer fleets
- Waste & Recycling haulers
- Fuel haulers
- Hazardous material haulers
- Cement trucks
- Auto Haulers,
- Flatbed Fleets
- Refrigerated Fleets
- Livestock Haulers


Improve fuel efficiency.

Save an average 20.5 hours of downtime per year.

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