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Doran Tire Wireless Sensor

Compatible with our 360HD and 360RV Tire monitoring systems

Wireless Sensors

The world's most effective sensors, we're not lying...that's a fact!

A lithium-ion battery, with a design life of five years, is built-in to each sensor

Batteries are not replaceable to protect
the integrity of the seal and minimize the
potential damage to the electronics

The high impact, thermal resistant, nylon
housing is spin-welded to prevent air
leaks and eliminate the potential for
outside contaminants

A potting material is inserted into each
sensor to stabilize and protect the
internal components


Pressure Range: 10 to 188 PSI
Accuracy: +/- 2 PSI over the pressure range
Operating Frequency: 434.10MHz
Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to +257°F
Storage Temperature Range: - 40°F to +257°F
Battery: internal, non-rechargeable & non-replaceable
Low Voltage Shutdown: 2.2V
Dimensions: 1.16” W x 1.30” H
Weight: 0.83 oz

Programming and Installation

Easy to Install

The tire wireless sensor is laser etched with a unique serial number to allow you to program
the specific baseline tire pressure that you want to maintain in each tire location

Your tire wireless sensor are simply screwed on to the valve stems to activate the RF signal and
transmit data

Doran 360 - Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Programming Guide

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