Don’t let improper
tire pressure lower
your yield

Doran Tire Monitoring System moving the agriculture industry forward.

Reduce Soil Compaction

Increase Yield

Prolong Tirelife

Why Agriculture tires operate differently.

They require low amounts of pressure and improper tire pressures can cause soil compaction. Maintaining proper inflation pressure can optimize your yield of the land.

Doran agriculture tire monitoring system provides real-time, accurate, digital tire pressure information including critical low pressure and high temperature alarms.

In-Cab Display

Our tire pressure monitoring system includes a display that is mounted in the cab of the truck that continuously monitors tire pressure and temperature data received through radio frequency signals transmitted from wireless sensors that are mounted in place of the valve stem caps on each tire.

The world best wireless sensor!

The wireless sensors contain an innovative three piece seal design to maximize valve core depression and minimize potential leaks

  • AG TPMS sensor, standard size valve stem
    AG TPMS sensor, large bore valve stemText

The display creates the following visual and audible alerts when problems with the tire pressure develop including:

FastLeak™ warning:
Triggered when the pressure drops 4.5psi within 16 seconds regardless of the baseline tire pressure

Level I low pressure warning:
Initiated when a 12.5% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure occurs

Level II low pressure warning:
Activated with a 25% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure

High pressure alarm (optional):
Can be set to provide warnings with a 25% increase over the programmed baseline tire pressure

Simple Installation:  

The initial installation and programming of a is expected to take an hour by following these basic steps:

Mount and hardwire the 12-volt display/monitor in the cab
(A remote antenna kit is recommended to move the reception point out of the cab to improve the reliability of the RF signal reception)

Use the three-digit laser etched serial number on each sensor to program each wheel position with baseline tire pressure

Install the wireless sensors by simply screwing them on to the valve stem  

Minimize soil compaction from
improperly inflated tires

Decrease tire wear and reduce
repair & replacement costs

Improve equipment performance
and ride comfort

For Agriculture Applications

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Doran tire pressure monitoring system for agriculture applications can help you protect your tire and optimize your yield.

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“Since implementing Doran TPMS, we’ve experienced zero run-flats on our trucks.”
- Fleet Manager


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