Doran 360HD™

Tire Monitoring System for Commercial Trucks, Truck only and Married Truck/Trailer Combinations.

Doran 360HD™ -
The Tire Monitoring System Includes:



Antenna Kit

Easy Installation

The Doran 360HD™ can be installed by following few simple steps.

Ease of Operation

The Doran 360HD™ system provides the driver with the assurance that the truck tires are inflated to the correct pressures.


The system was designed for the extremes of the road and the changing weather conditions of driving coast to coast

Doran 360HD™

Reduce Operation Cost, Extend Tread Life, Improve Fuel Efficiency & Safety

Reduce Cost

Maintaining proper tire inflation pressures will prolong tire life and help improve MPG.

Improve Safety

Proper tire inflation reduces stopping distances and improves vehicle handling.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Real time notifications for low pressure and high temperature issues.

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