Doran 360RV™

Tire Monitoring System designed for RV, Trailer and Tow Vehicle Applications.

Doran 360RV™ - Tire Monitoring System Includes:

Monitor / Display

Wireless Sensors

Real-Time Alerts

The display creates the following visual and audible alerts when problems with the tire pressure develop including:

FastLeak™ warning

Triggered when the pressure drops 4.5psi within 16 seconds regardless of the baseline tire pressure

Level I low pressure warning

Initiated when a 12.5% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure occurs

Level II low pressure warning

Activated with a 25% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure

High pressure alarm (optional)

Can be set to provide warnings with a 25% increase over the programmed baseline tire pressure

High Temperature Alert

Triggered at 175 degrees F.

The Doran system includes the following important features:

Reliable performance and simple programming of the desired baseline tire pressures for all of the tires that
you want to monitor

Multiple visual and audible warnings, including FastLeak™ warning that is triggered when the pressure drops by 4.5psi in less than 16 seconds

Extremely durable spin-welded sensors include a potting material which encapsulates and stabilizes the
internal components.

Tire inflation security for every mile.

A flat tire can ruin a nice, relaxing trip and is potentially expensive and dangerous.

The Doran 360RV™ tire monitoring systems continuously analyze and communicate the tire pressures on your motor home, fifth wheel or tow car ensuring the safe and comfortable ride that you expect.

Doran 360RV™ - Tire Monitoring System Information

Doran 360RV™
Information Sheet

Doran 360RV™
User Manual

Easy to install

The Doran 360RV™ can be easily installed and programmed by following few simple steps.

Simple to operate

The Doran 360RV™ system provides the driver with the assurance that the RV tires are inflated to the correct pressures.

2 Years Warranty

Your investment in a Doran 360RV™ is protected by an industry leading two-year limited warranty


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