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Doran 360HD™

Tire Monitoring System for Commercial Trucks, Truck only and Married Truck/Trailer Combinations.


Monitor Tire Pressure

Real-time tire pressure alerts to prevent catastrophic tire failure.


The system was designed for the extremes of the road and the changing weather conditions of driving coast to coast.

Monitor Tire Temprature

A built-in high temperature alarm will be activated at 175ºF to provide warnings for excessive heat that can identify other potential wheel problems and protect the sensor.

Easy Installation

The Doran 360HD™ can be installed by following few simple steps.

1 Year Warranty

All Doran's systems are backed with one year manufacturing warranty.

Easy to Operate

The Doran 360HD™ system provides the driver with the assurance that the truck tires are inflated to the correct pressures.

we can help

Extend your tire's life and reduce your oprational cost

Monitor your tire's pressure and tempreture in real-time to ensure proper inflation that increase you tire life, reduce cost and improve safety.

15% Longer Tread Life

A properly inflated tire lasts longer. According to the Tire & Maintenance Council (TMC), compared to a tire that experiences a constant 10 percent underinflation.

Save 1% on fuel

Proper tire inflation increases fuel economy by one percent, versus a tire that is 10 percent underinflated, according to the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC).

Reduce Roadside Breakdowns.

Tires are the cause of more than 50% of roadside breakdowns, according to statistics compiled by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. With a cost of approximately $800 per incident, each breakdown directly impacts your bottom line.

"The first month after we installed Doran TPMS fleet-wide, we had the lowest replacement tire spend in the company’s history, and that number continues to stay low.”

Director of Maintenance – Waste Hauling Fleet

“Since implementing Doran TPMS, we’ve experienced zero run flats on our trucks”

Fleet Manager – Regional Ready-Mixed Concrete Fleet

“We’ve installed Doran TPMS on +100 trucks and I’m thrilled to say that out of those 1,800 total tires there are only FOUR with low pressure!!!

VP of Facilities & Equipment, Nationwide Auto Hauling Fleet