Doran 360AG Tire Monitoring System + Remote Antenna Kit


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Doran 360AG™ Tire Monitoring System

Designed for Tire Monitoring System for Agriculture Equipment

The Doran 360HD™ tire monitoring system includes a display that is mounted in the cab of the equipment that continuously monitors tire pressure and temperature data received through radio frequency signals transmitted from wireless sensors that are mounted in place of the valve stem caps on each tire.

What is included?

Components & Specifications

Monitor / Display

Digital LCD screen with backlit display for optimal visibility

Patented Green Means Good™ indicator light provides at-a-glance confidence that the system is working properly

Both audible and visual alarms are activated to notify the driver and the display identifies the specific tire location with updated data


Power Requirement: 12/24 VDC
Current Draw at 12VDC: Normal Mode: < 77mA, Alarm and, Backlight: < 115mA
Sleep Mode: < 70mA
Tire Positions: 1 to 36 wheels
Low Pressure Alerts: 12.5% and 25% below the baseline tire pressure
FastLeakTM Alert: 4.5psi drop within 16 seconds
High Pressure Alert (optional): 25% above the programmed
baseline pressure
High Temperature Alert: 175°F
Dimensions: 5.65” W x 2.16” L x 1.14” D
Weight: 5.40 oz

Wireless Sensors

A lithium-ion battery, with a design life of five years, is built-in to each sensor

Batteries are not replaceable to protect
the integrity of the seal and minimize the
potential damage to the electronics

The high impact, thermal resistant, nylon
housing is spin-welded to prevent air
leaks and eliminate the potential for
outside contaminants

A potting material is inserted into each
sensor to stabilize and protect the
internal components


Pressure Range: 10 to 188 PSI
Accuracy: +/- 2 PSI over the pressure range
Operating Frequency: 434.10MHz
Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to +257°F
Storage Temperature Range: - 40°F to +257°F
Battery: internal, non-rechargeable & non-replaceable
Low Voltage Shutdown: 2.2V
Dimensions: 1.16” W x 1.30” H
Weight: 0.83 oz

Remote Antenna Kit

Attaches to the monitor and mounted
to cross member of tractor to ensure
signal reception reliability


Cable: coaxial
Length: 10’

Programming and Installation

Easy Steps

Mount and hardwire the 12-volt display/monitor in the cab (A remote antenna kit is recommended to move the reception point out of the cab to improve the reliability of the RF signal reception)

Use the three-digit laser etched serial number on each sensor to program each wheel position with baseline tire pressure

Install the wireless sensors by simply screwing them on to
the valve stem


Doran 360AG™

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