Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Doran 360HD

The Best Value in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems for your Fleet

Easy to operate, Durable, Back-end Reporting Tools, CSA 2010 Compliance Assistance, Integration with on-board computing/mobile communication providers, Install in 60 minutes and much more features.

Reduce Operation Cost and extend the life of your tires by 15%-20% on average

Continuously monitors tire pressure and temperature data.

Alerts against leak, driving on low pressures and high temperatures.

Simple Installation, Programming and Operation.



Truck and trailer
Straight Truck
Dump Trucks
Cement Trucks


Power Requirement: 12/24 VDC

Current Draw at 12VDC:

  • Normal Mode: < 77mA
  • Alarm and Backlight: < 115mA
  • Sleep Mode: < 70mA

Tire Positions: 1 to 36 wheels
Low Pressure Alerts: 12.5% and 25% below the baseline tire pressure
FastLeakTM Alert: 4.5psi drop within 16 seconds
High Pressure Alert (optional): 25% above the programmed baseline pressure
High Temperature Alert: 175°F
Dimensions: 5.65” W x 2.16” L x 1.14” D
Weight: 5.40 oz