Unlock the Power of Seamless Integration

Elevate Your Experience with samsara's Dashboard Through Doran's TPMS!

Enable real-time tire pressure monitoring and critical alerts for driver and dispatchers for tractors and trailers by connecting Doran tire monitoring in the Samsara dashboard.

Advance alerts

Multiple built-in alert setting provide warnings to protect against Fastleak events, driving on low tire pressures and high temperatures

Easy Installation

Simple installation, programming and operation that take an hour approxiamtely.

Real-time Data

Real-time tire pressure alerts help to prevent on-highway catastrophic tire failures which reduces expensive roadcalls and minimizes down time

Temperature Alarm

A built-in high temperature alarm will be activated at 175ºF to provide warnings for excessive heat that can identify other potential wheel problems and protect the sensor

Sleep Mode

An optional patented Sleep Mode setting will continue to monitor the tire pressures while the ignition is turned off and silence the alarm until the ignition is turned back on


Doran has successfully integrated with a number of third-party providers to take the data and warnings of the truck

Reduce Cost

Prevent tire failures, your system minimizes unscheduled downtime, reducing lost revenue and the need for emergency repairs.

Save Time

Automated alerts and consolidated data reduce the time spent on manual tire checks, allowing fleet managers to focus on other critical tasks.

Improve Efficiency

With automated monitoring, fleet managers can optimize tire maintenance schedules, leading to better fuel efficiency and extended tire lifespan.

Enhance Safety

Real-time tire monitoring ensures early detection of potential tire issues, reducing the risk of accidents caused by blowouts and failures.

Centralized Data

Integration with leading fleet management software provides a single platform for tire data, streamlining management tasks and eliminating manual data entry.

Powerful Tire Management for Large Fleets

Doran Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) integrated with Samsara enables fleets to take control of their tire performance through real-time alerts for low pressure & high temperature events. Increased visibility on tire inflation pressures helps to lower tires related costs, increase equipment uptime & improve vehicle safety.

See what other customers saying

"Since implementing Doran TPMS, we’ve experienced zero run flats on our trucks."

Fleet Manager – Regional Ready-Mixed Concrete Fleet

"The first month after we installed Doran TPMS fleet-wide, we had the lowest replacement tire spend in the company’s history, and that number continues to stay low."

Director of Maintenance – Waste Hauling Fleet

"We tested every TPMS sensor in the world and Doran’s is the only one that is consistently able to work in the extreme conditions where our equipment operates"

Product Manager, Global Equipment OEM

"“We’ve installed Doran TPMS on +100 trucks and I’m thrilled to say that out of those 1,800 total tires there are only FOUR with low pressure!!! When we first started installing Doran TPMS, we found roughly 20% of our tires were underinflated…It’s truly remarkable what we have accomplished!"

VP of Facilities & Equipment, Nationwide Auto Hauling Fleet

Built for large fleets

  • Truck and trailer fleets
  • Waste haulers
  • Fuel haulers
  • Hazardous material haulers
  • Cement trucks
  • Off-the-road haul trucks
  • Loaders
  • Port equipment

Integrate with top fleet management solutions