Moving Agriculture Forward

Agriculture is one of the integral foundations of the world, if it doesn't operate efficiently, our world will feel it in various ways

Our technology helps the agriculture industry run more efficiently by taking all of these requirements into consideration and gives our clients the results they need.

Agriculture tires operate differently

Require low amounts of pressure
Have unique and more precise sensors for low pressure tires
Concerned about soil compaction
Needs to optimize the yield for the land
Need to be long lasting

Doran 360AG

Tire Pressure Monitoring System For Ag Tires

Doran 360AG provides real-time, accurate, digital tire pressure information including critical low pressure and high temperature alarms.

Built-in visual and audible alarms for pressure and temperature, with reliable performance and low ongoing maintenance.

Minimize soil compaction from improperly inflated tires

Improve equipment performance and ride comfort

Decrease tire wear and reduce repair & replacement costs

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Doran 360AG
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