Fleet Management Solutions

Telematics for Fleet Productivity and Real-time Visibility

Simplifying Fleet Management

We never tire to make lives easier.

Doran tire monitoring systems help to reduce tire related repair & maintenance costs, prevent roadside tire replacements, extend tread life, protect casings and minimize catastrophic tire failures

Actionable data for planning, decision making and predictive maintenance

Designed to handle the extreme environmental conditions found on roadways across the nation, taking into account heat, moisture, and the longevity needed for performance on the road.

Remote visibility on every tire in your fleet, even when your equipment is powered off.

Fleet Management Solution

Doran Connect 360™

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An advanced fleet management solution with integrated tire pressure and temperature data for your fleet

Doran Connect 360™ takes important tire data from the asset to fleet management anytime, anywhere.

This platform includes advanced tracking
features, vehicle performance and real-time
pressure & temperature data for every tire on
every vehicle in the fleet.

How it works?

1.Continuously monitor pressure and temperature with external, valve stem mounted sensors.

2.This data passes through the Doran Connect ECU monitor and gateway for remote visibility.

3.On the machine, multiple receiving module options are available for in cabin visibility of inflation pressure, critical high temperature and low pressure events.


Advanced Tracking Features.
Automated & Custom Reports
Trip Insights
Driving Metrics
Data Backup (12 Months)
Real-time Alerts
Email Notifications
Access to Historical Data


Truck + Trailer Fleet
Off-The-Road Equipment

Connect 360
Truck + Trailer

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Connect 360
Off-The-Road Equipment

Info Sheet

Reduce Operation Cost and extend the life of your tires by 15%-20% on average